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Best Hiking Socks of 2024

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Best Hiking Socks to Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Wearing the right footwear is absolutely critical for keeping your feet comfortable on the hiking trail. A lot of hikers spend countless hours trying to find the perfect pair of hiking boots, only to throw on the first pair of socks they find in the drawer. But wearing the best hiking socks is just as important as a good pair of hiking boots.

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Hiking socks can keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable. They’re also the first line of defense in preventing blisters when hiking. Before you head out on your next hike, make sure you’re wearing one of these best socks for hiking.

1. Best Hiking Socks for Women

These Darn Tough Micro Crew Light Cushion Socks are some of the most comfortable and durable socks you’ll ever wear. They have a thin layer of cushioning along the base of the foot for added comfort and support. Plus, the seamless construction provides a smooth feel that helps cut down on hot spots where blisters can form.

Since these hiking socks are made from a nylon and merino wool blend, they work in warm or cool weather conditions. Best of all, like all of Darn Tough’s outstanding hiking socks, they come with an outstanding unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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2. Best Hiking Socks for Men

It should come as no surprise that not only does Darn Tough make the best hiking socks for women, but they also make the best hiking socks for men. Once again, you have a variety of lengths and styles to choose, but these Darn Tough Merino Wool Micro Crew Socks seem to be the most versatile.

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The merino wool provides all-weather comfort by staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The socks also feature a performance fit that stays in place when you’re hiking so you don’t have to deal with bunching or slipping.

Just like the women’s socks, the men’s socks come with the famous lifetime guarantee. Plus, if you’ll be doing some hiking with your kids, Darn Tough even makes junior socks to help their feet stay comfortable.

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3. Best Hiking Socks for Wide Feet

Wide Open Men's Black Socks

Feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can get socks that do the same when you choose Wide Open socks. These socks are designed to provide extra width in the cuff, leg, ankle, and foot for an exceptional fit from calf to toe.

Wide Open offers socks in both men’s and women’s sizes. They also have a variety of great colors and designs, so you can get exactly what you want.

Plus, with styles that include no-show socks, quarter socks, micro crew socks, and crew socks, you’ll have no issues getting the style that feels comfortable on your feet.

Best of all, Wide Open socks come with a lifetime guarantee. If you wear out a pair of these socks, send them back to the company and they’ll replace them free of charge.

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4. Best Hiking Socks for Warm Weather

Summer might be a popular season for hiking, but the warm weather can make your feet sweat in a hurry. Not only are sweaty feet uncomfortable (and stinky), but they’re also more susceptible to blisters. That’s why these Smartwool PhD Outdoor Ultra Light Crew Socks are some of the best socks for warm weather.

The socks are made using Indestructawool technology, which delivers unbeatable comfort and durability. They’re also breathable, which will help keep your feet cool.

They’re lightly cushioned on the bottom, and they feature a snug fit with flex zones that help the socks move with your feet instead of sliding or bunching.

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5. Best Thermal Hiking Socks for Cold Weather

On the other end of the weather spectrum we have winter hiking. While not as popular as summer hiking, winter hikes provide a peaceful solitude and unique views that you don’t get to experience on the trail when you head out in the summer.

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Of course, you also have to worry about keeping your feet warm. That’s why you should choose these Darn Tough Mountaineering Socks for your cold-weather hikes (also available in women’s sizes).

These socks feature high-density cushioning throughout the entire sock for outstanding comfort. They also have an over-the-calf height to keep those frigid temperatures away from your skin. Plus, while the merino wool and nylon blend keeps your feet warm, they also help pull moisture away from the skin so you stay dry and comfortable.

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6. Best Budget-Friendly Hiking Socks

If you’re planning on casual day hikes, you don’t need an expensive pair of socks with all the bells and whistles. You just need something that fits well and feels good. That’s when you should choose these KEECOW Hiking Socks.

They have a seamless toe and added cushioning for a comfortable fit. They’re also designed to wick away moisture from your feet to keep them dry. They won’t bunch or slip when you’re wearing them, and they even come with a lifetime guarantee.

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7. Best Ultralight Hiking Socks

Whether you’re interested in doing some trail running, or you simply want a lightweight pair of socks, you’ll love these Swiftwick PURSUIT FOUR Ultralight Socks. My husband often chooses these socks for our hikes because he likes the barely-there feeling they provide.

The socks are made with natural merino wool that wicks away sweat and moisture from your feet. They also feature a seamless toe and reinforced heel and toe area for better durability and protection from blisters.

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8. Best No-Show Hiking Socks

Most of the socks on this list come in crew or quarter height to cover the heel and ankle. But what if you’re wearing hiking shoes instead of hiking boots and don’t need the extra coverage? Then you should choose these Feetures High-Performance Ultralight No-Show Socks.

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I often wear these Feetures socks as my everyday socks because they’re just so comfortable. The durable and lightweight socks are made with Lycra power bands that hug your feet, keep the sock in place, and help prevent blisters.

Other blister-preventing features you’ll find include a seamless toe, moisture-wicking fabric, and a tab in the back that keeps the heel of your shoe from rubbing your skin. These Feetures socks also come with a lifetime guarantee!

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9. Best Toe Socks for Hiking

Some hikers prefer wearing toe shoes on the trail. If you’re going to give toe shoes a try, you need special socks to wear with them. That’s when you should get these Injinji Trail Midweight Crew Toe Socks.

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The five-toe design minimizes friction between the toes to help eliminate blisters. It also gives your feet a better feel for uneven terrain, which can help you handle more technical parts of a trail. Plus, the extra cushioning and arch support provide all the comfort you need for a pain-free hike.

While these socks are ideal for toe shoes, there’s also no reason why you can’t wear them with your regular hiking boots!

10. Best Hiking Socks for Backpacking Trips

Backpacking trips require socks that can hold up to miles and miles of wear. These Farm to Feet Damascus Lightweight Technical Hike Crew Socks are created with long-distance hikers in mind.

They’re built tough using 100% merino wool from sheep raised on American farms. This soft, itch-free wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The targeted cushion zones help reduce impact, and the comfort compression fit offers a precise fit that supports your feet throughout the day. These socks also have a seamless toe to reduce bulk and help prevent blisters.

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Best Socks for Every Hiker

Young hiker crosses stone steps in hiking socks and boots

Although they’re often an afterthought, socks are some of the most important hiking gear you can get. No matter what type of hiking you plan on doing, you know you can find a comfortable pair of hiking socks when you choose one of the top options on this list.

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