• Picture of mountain lion, brown bear, moose, and coyote with text overlay Wildlife Safety Tips How to Prevent Dangerous Encounters
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    Wildlife Safety Tips for Hikers

    Wildlife Safety: Tips for Encountering Wild Animals on the Trail When you’re on a hike, there’s a chance you might encounter wild animals on the trail. Do you know what to do to stay safe? These wildlife safety tips for hikers offers tips on what you can do to reduce your chances of stumbling across dangerous animals on your hike. You’ll also learn what to do if you encounter specific animals on your hike. Wildlife Safety Tips for Hikers When some people head out on an adventure, they dream of seeing wild animals: black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains, moose in Maine, and bison in Yellowstone. Of course, they’re…

  • Group of hikers on trail with text overlay 5 Important Trail Rules You Never Want to Break
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    Trail Etiquette: The Basic Rules of Hiking

    Trail Etiquette for Hikers When you’re on a hike, you’re bound to run into other people enjoying the great outdoors. Since trails are often narrow, there are trail etiquette rules in place to keep the flow going and make sure everyone stays safe. But who yields to whom? And how can you make sure you preserve the great outdoors while still having a good time? This helpful guide on trail etiquette for hikers will go over all the questions you have about trail rules so you don’t end up being that person. Trail Rules for Hikers Whether you’re solo hiking or hiking in a group, here are a few simple…

  • Pair of hikers walking through forest with text overlay Hiking for Beginners 10 Important Tips You Need to Know
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    Hiking for Beginners: 10 Important Hiking Tips

    Hiking for Beginners: What You Need to Know Hiking is an incredible outdoor activity that offers a variety of impressive benefits. If you want to start hiking, but you have no idea where to begin, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to these important hiking tips for beginners, you’ll learn how to pick the right trail, which gear you definitely need (and which pieces you can skip for now), how to stay safe, and more! When you’re ready to head outside and explore the beauty of nature using your own two, this guide on hiking for beginners is ready to help. 1. Choose the Right Trail The one thing…

  • Hiker walking in rain with text overlay 8 Must-Know Tips fo Staying Dry and Comfortable When Hiking in the Rain
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    Must-Know Tips for Hiking in the Rain

    8 Tips for Hiking in the Rain While we always want perfect weather for our hikes, sometimes we have to deal with what Mother Nature gives us. Occasionally, that means hiking in the rain. But just because the skies are gray or rain starts pouring on your hike, that doesn’t mean your trip is ruined. With a little preparation and the right plan in place, you can actually enjoy your hike in the rain. Even better, you might be one of the only people on the trail, which makes it even easier to take in nature’s beauty! Here are 8 tips you need to know to stay dry and have…

  • Woman hiking across stream with text overlay How to Quickly Break in Hiking Boots
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    How to Easily Break in Hiking Boots

    How to Break in Hiking Boots You’ve done your research and picked out the perfect pair of women’s hiking boots or the best hiking boots for men. While they feel comfortable on your feet right out of the box, don’t forget, you need to break in hiking boots. After all, breaking in hiking boots is one of the best ways to prevent blisters when hiking. But what’s the easiest way to break in hiking boots? This guide will go over how to break in your hiking boots so you can enjoyable a comfortable and pain-free hike. 1. Wear Your Boots Around the House The first thing to do when you’re…

  • Woman in hiking boots crossing stream with text overlay How to Prevent Blisters When Hiking
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    How to Prevent Blisters When Hiking

    7 Ways to Prevent Blisters When Hiking There’s nothing worse than ending an amazing hike with blisters on your feet. The good news is blisters don’t have to occur every time you lace up your hiking boots. Check out these tips on how to prevent blisters when hiking so you can enjoy a pain-free hike on every adventure. What Causes Blisters? To understand how to prevent blisters when hiking, it helps to know what causes blisters in the first place. You can get a blister from a burn, an insect bite, and even an allergic reaction. However, friction is the most common cause of blisters. When you get enough friction…

  • Person walking in snow text overlay 10 Genius Winter Hiking Tips You Need to Know Today
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    Winter Hiking Tips to Keep You Safe and Warm

    Top 10 Winter Hiking Tips Summer is the most popular time to hike, and for good reason. Kids are out of school, the scenery is beautiful, and the weather is warm. However, winter can also be an amazing time to do some hiking, as long as you follow these important winter hiking tips. 1. Check the Weather Forecast This first tip seems like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to know exactly what the weather forecast is for the day of your hike. In addition to knowing the temperature, you also want to have an idea of the forecast for the wind speed and precipitation. Plus, don’t forget that winter…

  • Hiker couple overlooking ocean text overlay 10 Perfect Gifts for National Park Lovers
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    Best Gifts for National Park Lovers

    Perfect Gifts for National Park Lovers Do you have a national park lover in your life? If you want to give them a gift they’ll absolutely love, check out these awesome gifts for national park lovers. You’ll find everything from stickers to scratch-off posters, which means you can get something for everyone on your list! Related: Stocking Stuffer Ideas Hikers Really Want for Christmas 1. National Park Passport Book The National Park Passport Program is a great way to create memories about your trips to the parks. Each park has its own special stamp that you can get at the ranger station or visitor’s center. One great way to hold…

  • Hiker walking down dirt road text overlay 10 Important Tips You Need to Know About Hiking in the Heat
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    Important Tips for Hiking in the Heat

    10 Important Tips for Hiking in the Heat I live in Florida, which means I tend to a lot of hiking in the heat. Even if you don’t live in a state known for its scalding temperatures, you’ll likely be doing some hiking in the hot weather of summer. Every season offers its own unique challenges, especially summer. If you plan on hitting the trails when it’s hot outside, these important tips can help you stay cool when you’re hiking in the heat. 1. Start Early and Finish Late Choosing the right time of day to head out on your hike is incredibly important. When you’re hiking in the summer,…

  • Family hiking up hill with text overlay The Ultimate Guide to Hiking With Kids
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    How to Hike With a Toddler

    Tips for Hiking With a Toddler Study after study shows that getting kids outside and away from screens offers a variety of outstanding benefits. While hiking with kids isn’t as easy as jumping into the car and hiking any trail you feel like, it’s also not as hard as you think. If you’re ready to hit the trail with your family, these tips on how to hike with a toddler can help you have a whine-free experience that everyone will enjoy. 1. Get a Good Child Carrier Backpack When my husband and I decided our son was ready to do some hiking with us, we thought we had everything perfectly…